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Fresh Start SanitizeIT Odor Removal Indoor Air Quality Experts

Close the windows.
Close the doors.
Dress in layers.
Wash your hands often.
Vitamin C.
Lots of liquids.
Apple a day.
Diffusing essential oils.
Lower your sugar intake.
Get enough restful sleep.

All ways to keep your immune system running at its peak.  Getting sick costs us more than just money. It costs us time with family and friends. It costs us having fun, dancing, laughing, experiencing art and music and scenery.

Why don't you add improving you indoor air quality with a gentle fogging of the SAFEST DISINFECTANT!  Call Fresh Start SanitizeIT IAQ Experts 708-888-2008 and today.
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The Nose knows.
How do we care for our sense of smell? Eye Exams, Hearing Tests... we must Clear the Air and Improve our Indoor Air Quality at home, school, and office to protect our precious senses. Fresh Start gentle fogging service eliminates allergens, kills bacteria and viruses not only on all of your hard to reach surfaces but we can also treat your HVAC system... that is the lungs of your house! Questions and appointments, call 708-888-2008 or contact us thru

Indoor Air Quality is the most important subject right now

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants. Understanding and controlling common pollutants indoors can help reduce your risk of indoor health concerns.
The most common causes of IAQ problems in buildings are: 

Not enough ventilationLack of fresh outdoor airContaminated air being brought into the buildingPoor up keep of ventilation, heating and air-conditioning systemsDampness and moisture damage due to leaks, flooding or high humidity.
The effects of indoor air pollutants range from short-term effects – eye and throat irritation – to long-term effects – respiratory disease and cancer. Exposure to high levels of some pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, can even result in immediate death. Contaminants such as mildew, mold, bacteria, dust mites, as well as animal dander, can come into the home and make you sick.

Questions? Call us anytime 708-888-2008Concerns? Schedu…

Fresh Start SanitizeIT uses Victory Innovations Demo 8.2019

Fresh Start uses these electrostatic sprayers to ensure 360 degrees of coverage for our SanitizeIT process. Imagine disinfecting a room in 2-3 minutes without rinsing or wasting wipes? We use the best combination of full coverage and safe cleaning solution that kills 99.999% of Viruses, Mold & Fungi, Bacteria and Protein. Sanitizing reduces growth. Disinfecting kills!  We are the difference in the process and the health effects - Animal, Human, and Food Contact Safe. NON-TOXIC, Non-carcinogenic. Safe for use around children, pets, and seniors - or even after surgery or postpartum .

We pride ourselves in being experts in mold, cross-contamination, and infection control. You have questions, we will get you answers.



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Cats and Dogs Paw Pads

Cats & dogs have glands in their paw pads that absorb any liquid quickly.  Imagine bleach, wipes, or toxic cleaner being responsible for making your pet sick? I have a cat - Razor and a dog - Beauty. As much as they make me crazy, I can't imagine my life without either of them. I research their dog food and cat food to make sure it does not contain a lot of fillers, that it does not contain dyes, and it does not contain any harsh preservatives. But, does my cleaners harm them?  I use a combination of daily cleaners from Shaklee (plant based proven safe), Young Living Essential Oils for safe diffusing and infuse my lotions for safe topical use for not only myself but in case they lick my arms, and I sanitize and disinfect with a NSF Certified safe cleaner that is also registered with the EPA as safe, no toxic reaction, non-corrosive. With a little bit of research and google searching, I found our product which I followed with a passion and now I am Vice President of Fresh Start…

Flood Flood Flood

Well to say we have had some rain - is actually a gross understatement. We actually have set a record in May 2019 of having the most rain ever.  With that, basements are flooding. Crawlspaces are flooding.  Flooding and water causes mold and mildew.  Our solution Kills Mold.  Eliminates Odors - All Proven on all susceptible surfaces.  Our equipment applies 360 degrees of coverage - it helps when you do not want to miss one square inch of smell, mold, bacteria!   Our service is helping people with the fears of bacteria, fungi, mold - all the while eliminating odors SAFELY!

What do you do when you get flooded at your house, apartment, business?
Panic?  Shock?
Then what?
Call someone or grab a shop vac, sump pump, bucket?

Either way, there is clean up.
You must disinfect after you dry out.  How do you do that?  I thought the products that I used did that?

Bleach definitely kills but it is hard pressed to get that all to evaporate.

Fresh Start offers a fine misting spray service with hospital grade disinfectant that kills 99.999% of bacteria, virus, fungi!!!  Yes, that means stops mold spores, helps with eliminate mildew smells.  It might still smell damp, but you must still disinfect after - even if you flood a little again - call us - it is worth it!
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